Perceiving reliability on the basis of external attributes (an attractive sign at the door, presentable appearance of employees, order in offices) sometimes gives a false impression. That is why a partner's reliability must be confirmed in every-day work. Responsibility, commitment, keeping one's promises and obligations, efficiency - these qualities are essential for achieving a common goal. The future of social development lies in a wide cooperation of various experienced experts when performing common tasks. This also refers to the sphere of medical supply of the population with high-quality products (a health-care service, a modern treatment method, high-quality pharmaceutical or medical product). A perspective development of Ukrainian health care system is not possible without new technologies and modern medical products. This can fully be done through well directed efforts of experts: experienced doctors, materials specialists, technologists, engineers, suppliers and marketing experts with profound knowledge of anatomy, biomaterials and biomechanics. Important actors in the general system of orthopaedical assistance are the representatives of companies which supply means for complex orthopaedic intervention (osteosynthesis, endoprosthesis replacement). Experts from these companies along with experienced doctors constantly keep up to date with scientific achievements, latest technology, they improve their expertise in materials science, biotechnologies. The listed qualities of a reliable partner refer to our company just as well, our team has been working on the medical products market since 2006, and has helped experienced doctors in all of Ukraine to provide high-quality health care by supplying them with modern medical products.

The work experience of our companys team on the medical products market:


start of the sales of implants for traumatology


start of the sales of hip prostheses manufactured by OHST Medizintechnik (Germany)


start of the sales of implants for raumatology by SUZHOU XINRONG BEST MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD


start of the sales of products for cardiovascular surgery (Coronary stents, expanders, catheters)



start of the sales of O-18 water for positron-emission tomography (PET) manufactured by Rotem (Israel) - 2015 – start of the sales of supplies and reagents for PET manufactured by ABX GmbH (Germany)



launch of our Kyiv office and further development of the company on the Ukrainian market



Our Team

Olha Ovchar


Vitaliy Tereshchenko

Deputy director

Lyudmyla Tsybenko

Chief accountant

Lesya Kichula

Head of the sales department

Vitaliy Kedenko

Deputy director

Our team's achievements


In this section you can look at our endoprotheses (hip stems, heads, cups, cup inserts) and implants (simple, blocking plates, intramedullary rods, dhs plates, screws) in more detail, select the product which fits your needs best, order it or find out details about this product. Our consultants will be happy to provide you with any necessary information. 

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Limited liability company "Prycarpathian Medical Company" regulates relations that arise in the process of organization and implementation of activity between economic entities (suppliers, purchasers, employees, state authorities and local self-government bodies and others) on the basis of the following normative documents

Criminal code of Ukraine
Civil code of Ukraine
Commercial code of Ukraine
Code of administrative offences
Law of Ukraine Abour public procurement
Law of Ukraine About exercising public procurement
Law of Ukraine About prevention of corruption

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